beautiful kinds of hijab styles

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Changing appearance

Although it was after nearly a week of running the month of Ramadan, I had not have time to say hello Ramadan to all readers of this blog who are also welcome. Muslims in this world must very happy to welcome the month of Ramadan every year.

Yesterday, my friend -Ayu- suddenly changed her appearance especially about hijab style she use. Actually, she is a tomboyish girl who active in many organizations. She is an activist which means that toughness needed to sustain her strong characteristic. This was a very big surprise when I saw her appearance using a very stylish hijab. It does not mean I do not like her-sudden-appearance. It is about her courage to present herself more beautiful than ever.  Even to this day, every girl wants to present herself as beautiful as they want. Yet, It is different matter for girls whom always think looking bad on themselves. Finally, there are only very little of them whom are really mean to be beautiful.

Nevertheless, I admired her so much when I saw her whom dared to altere her appearance and being more beautiful.

Why my friend dares to change her styles?

Well, lately there were a very great change of hijab style. Actually, people think wearing hijab is an ancient because it is difficult to appear modern and casual while wearing hijab. Actually it is not about the difficulties, it is about creativity.

One of Hana’s hijab tutorial Video

Recently, a girl whose name Hana Tajima-Simpson managed to break the Muslim style of dress that considered obsolete by the world community. She is a 23 years old-young girl whose father is from Japan and mother from England. Since her 17th, she started become Muslim and wore hijab as her new style. She was ready to get consequences of using hijab in western country. By the time she have used her hijab, she found a creative way to look stylish by using the headscarf. She used her blog to express her style and suddenly became trendsetter for Muslimah in this world. its uniqueness is that she does not specify her style of dress merely on Muslim communities.

However, everyone are able to wear her brand.

Express yourself, dear!

Now talking about hijab is not only talking about faith. Wearing the hijab comes from belief that recommend women to cover their body in accordance to certain beliefs. I do not want to explain about legal use of the hijab according to the belief that I profess. The important thing is, as a Muslimah, I am still able to express what I feel and I want while believing my faith. Everyone has freedom to express themselves as long as their expressions are able to be adjusted to the conditions. However, Muslimah free to decide about the hijab or not. All beautiful of hijab styles are one of choices for girls who choose hijab as their main style.





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