Postcard #2 Penang, World Heritage City

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Postcard #2 Penang, World Heritage City

He is Khoo, a Malaysians’s whose wife is from Medan, Indonesia. He has married for 3 years. Now He is working in a computer disk manufacturing. Wow, and he told me everything about Penang which is actually surrounded by many beautiful beaches, and also, it is the highest place in Penang Island. I wonder, while the place is surrounded by the beach, there’s also a place which is like in the plateau. What a wonderful place it is. And here, Khoo sent me a funicular railway transported people to ascend and descend the hill. At first, I think trains can only be built in flat region so that we can not see trains in Sumatra and Papua island. However, reading what Khoo explained gives me new information. He described the railway built by colonies from top of the hill. And also, it was built so that people could enjoy the splendid views of Penang bridge, the strait and George town (Capital of Penang).

Thank you Khoo, for the postcard. I really love the postcard because Khoo, actually sent me my favourite ones. Before, I wrote on my profile that I love train so much and he sent it to me!






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