me and my nook

2 minutes

About three weeks ago, I got my nook as my new e-book reader from my friend coming from Singapore. Before, I told her I like reading both conventional books and electronic books. I also told her about my urge to buy e-book reader since my only way to read e-book was by using my notebook. The reason was because having a job in capital city really forces me to spent my most time on the street. Whereas I also have some responsibilities in the same time. The idea of buying an e-reader came when my friend, Henni, said her mother would come to Indonesia to help preparing her wedding in the near time. She kindly offered me to buy the e-reader for me. For the information, I found that the price here is still quite expensive because an e-reader is still not legalized to be sold in Indonesia so buying e-readers here is two times higher than buying the same brands in Singapore.

At first, amazon kindle became my favorite e-reader. Unfortunately, because it was my friend who would buy it for me, moreover she also thought that the LCD screens of e-readers are better than the e-ink one, she finally bought nook color for me.  Although I was disappointed at the first time I used my nook, I realized I really like my nook as long as it could help me reading easily.

The nook colour

The first thing I did for my nook was download some free new bestselling books. Using an e-reader could ease users in buying online e-books. Every brand of e-readers usually has affiliations with online bookstores. Kindle affiliates with Amazon and Nook with Barnes and Noble bookstores.  I could also buy some online book through my e-reader easily once I connect this device to the internet.

Since I had this nook colour, I have read about 8 books, yey! I read most of books on my way to office, back to home, and  in other journeys. At least, I could read everything in everywhere.. 😀







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