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Todays I am getting more aware about days I passed with my family. I am trying not to bother my parents more and be blessed to what I have. I keep communication to my younger brother who is studying far from home. You know, people should be grateful for everything while they can do. I am getting older and so are my parents and my two younger brothers. Everything related to the health of my parents really can distract me from my life. Uhm,.. my life is with them though. Last week my mother did cervical cancer screening. When she said she wanted to take the screening test, it reminded me to my friend who was recently detected breast cancer. I also felt a little worried of the results. I was glad the result was negative and she is still in the best of health.


Well, I actually do not mean to complain my hopeless life. However In September last year, one of my relative died from tumor in his liver. A friend of mine also died of blood cancer. I recalled my eating habit which is so unhealthy. I seldom eat junk foods, yet I am eating snacks such as chiki, chitos, other foods I am not sure what their ingradients are, and consuming baverage packaging. I drink coffee every day. I can not keep my eyes open while I also need to complete my works and university assignments in the same time. I know I have reduced drinking cola since… well rather long year ago since I knew there were no good effect on health. I am exposed to the toxic dust everyday and not regularly exercising. These habits were formed and also depended on with whom I am interacting with, besides my family. To say the truth, I also scare to chronic diseases such as cancer, diabetes, and heart attack. I know people around me who were suffered from these kinds of diseases.

Since I have been studying about health sciences, somehow I have been shadowed by the fears of diseases. Looks weird, huh? Though sometimes I am still longing to be a doctor, at least I am glad for taking public health instead of medical sciences. Somehow, I still could not apply healthy habits due to my very bad nature. I asked my mother to provide tomatoes and fruits after having discussion about her result. My family somehow could not afford to consume enough fruits (apples or oranges) everyday so I asked her to add tomatoes to the lists. I also reduced eating  Indomie and greasy foods including gorengen. I almost buy gorengan once in 3 days!!! I can make my lunch every day.

People living in big city tend to find difficult to have sports regularly.  Uhuk,.. this may  be only in here. My friends, my family, my neighbor, almost never do sport routinely. The ultimate reason for not doing sports is due to the time. I am used to using stairs instead of elevator since I work in fifth floor. I jog around my home in about 30 minutes once a week. Eventhough I try to manage my eating habit and do sport, it does not mean I can be free from the diseases. As we believe, people should control their unhealthy habit. As the WHO said, we are now facing double burden diseases which includes the increasing of the prevalence of chronic disease and the persistent health problems of infectious diseases. However, the modern life within leads us to the more complicated diseases. Stress and mental health, for instance, have been a global health issues. The prevalence number is increasing year by year. I know, health is a complex issues faced not only by the developed countries, but also the developing ones. I think the important thing is trying to live healthy lifes is a must for everyone.

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