how do you keep your friendship?

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True friends stab you in the front, Oscar Wilde

A good quote, isn’t it? No, I solemnly swear not to talk about Oscar Wilde nor the true friends who stab me. pfft… :p I only put the quote since I like how that moment is being quoted.

Recently I read a book by Ruth Ozeki. Oh, Ok. I did not how that book really affects my mind. I state her name for the upteenth time. hahaha… What I learned is about a character which is at first could not move on from her past life which is far more better than ever. She was deseperate and nearly killed herself. Her circumstances describe a nightmare when you have no friends around who really appreciate your existence.

I believe I have people called as friends. When the relationship between me and friends has become so close, we call them as mates.  I believe I have friends, yet very few of them are being my mates. Some are my classmates when I was studying at university and some other comes to me when I was in a place keeping me away from my reality. At least I call them as my mates, though I do not know how they place me in their heart.

I do not know how people keeping their friendship and how they are interacting with their friends from the past. I am a person who could not keep my past relationship. I really mean that.  There are only four friends from my senior high school who are still contacting me. They were happenly sitting close to my desk. However, I am always happy to attand classmates reunion to at least say hello, though mostly I can only be there for a moment. I add my old friends through facebook. Sometimes I just giving a ‘like’ to their photos on instagram so that I will make sure I still know them as friends of mine.

I feel really sad every time I need to part with my friends. At that time, I was surely know we could not be as close and important as before. Sometimes I am thinking who will be invited on my wedding day……. ok, that question is rather far from the topic, yet I did not know, of all friends I have ever known, who will still want to be a friend of me and come to my banquet? How they feel about me really becomes my concern. I just… do not know how to behave on old friends. I usually smile and ask their latest news with friendly attitudes which I think is far better than only having an eye contact while self arguing whether to call them or not. Some of them still recognize me, sometimes the other are not. lol

So, how do you keep your friendship? I try my best to still keep our relationship no matter what. The problem is when you only call them when you are in needs. To avoid that unnecessary moment,  after all, this has huge benefits.





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