Strange Library

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Judul : Strange Library
Penulis : Haruki Murakami
Penerbit : Harvill Secker
Tahun cetakan : Dec 2014
Jenis : Paperback
ISBN : 1846559219 (ISBN13: 9781846559211)

The story begins when a nameless boy suddenly has an urge to find out how taxes were collected in Ottoman Empire. It is not an urgent matter, honestly, It is more because his mother told him ever since he was little that he needs to go to the library everytime he does not know something.

The tale is charming and the illustration is so beautiful. The characters are unique. You will meet a sheep man who is good in making delicious doughnuts, a very beautiful girl who can talk only with her hands, and so a creepy old man who is ready to enjoy eating your brain.

As I expected from the start, you will experience ‘loneliness’ when reading Murakami’s stories, and of course including this one~ I can also feel the sadness ●﹏● This book is so strange –strangely pleasurable. Since I am not a literature expert, I am left with a big question in my head. Are the other characters the boy met existed? Both reality and dream seem interwined so you can not tell whether the boy is dreaming or not. However, I can never get bored when re-reading Murakami’s books.



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