#11 Underground

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Judul : Underground
Penulis : Haruki Murakami
Penerbit : ____
Tahun cetakan : ____
Jenis : Paperback
Rating : 5/5

This surely will be an ambiguous review. Underground, Murakami’s non-fiction work, was interviews of both victims (ordinary people) and religious member of Aum Shinrikyo about Sarin Gas Attack at Tokyo Subway in 1995. 17 people died in or emmediately after the attack, 50 were seriously injured and about a thousand other were injured.

WHY I always feel his book is so alienating, as if Im in a different dimensional world? This is still a mystery~ Murakami is briliant when it comes to telling the story. It becomes interesting when the author reveals how normal japanese citizens behave (about Japanese Psyche – the work ethics, for instance, Its common for a man to get at 3 in the morning to clean his entire house before going to work) until they experienced the Sarin Gas Attack.

Honestly not all interviews were translated into English, but dont worry, we can still really enjoy the book. The interview with Aum Shinrikyo members were also very informative. They are mostly people who expected finding peace and great state of mind. It was quite shocking (mainly for the religious members) when they learned that the culprits were Aum members.

I think this ‘religious member-things’ inspired him when creating his book titled “1Q84” :p This is a very recommended book for…. whoever like Murakami, lol His way of rewriting the interviews are so good..The translation is smooth. Murakami concerns how his books translated. He’ll make sure to publish the translated book when he is able to enjoy reading the translation. The book is supposedly a non-fiction, though reading the interviews makes me wonder that they are like unique characters used to be presented in Murakami’s fiction.

I always enjoy reading Murakami. Among my friends, his books have been a very common item such as spoon or wallet, like a natural being brings completness (?) Well, I am usually drawn to his works for he focuses on loneliness and isolation feelings. Moreover, loneliness is a common-natural feeling and equal to our desire.^^





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