#1 Take-a-step Thursday: smile!

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I was reading  articles on some book bloggers when happilly found a blog discussing  unique memes that can be used as refresher topics of my blog. I noted several events that I think would be very useful in both developing the idea of writing and motivating reading, just saying this as a bookish or a not bookish articles lol. This current post is actually one of so many events I am going to start to  participate :p This Take-a-step Thursday is an event hosted by thistles and whistles. Since I am joining international events, I need to post the article in English. Basically, the idea of this event is to encourage bloggers to write inspirational events that they experienced during the past week. I really like her idea since positive vibes naturally will be needed so spreading inspirational stories should be a kind way to share happiness with people. For me, emotions are so confusing sometimes so every single time I need to remind myself there are so many things that I can take for a lesson.

Yesterday I was desperately a bit sad for whatever reasons. At the time I thought I need to find a way how to release the negativity  sooner or I might not make today’s holiday as cheerful as it should be. Then I found a very good article titled “The science of smiling: A Guide to the world’s Most Powerful Gesture” Reading the articles luckily helps me to realize that smiling does really help me to forget all the sadness. I sometimes do forget how to smile in certain circumstances. Without me realizing it, I am not a kind who can easily smile lol  The article is also very useful since it guides us how to familiarize ourselves smiling. Smiling really helps to generate more positive vibes. It says that we often feel happier around children for they naturally smile a lot. Just to be compared, children smile 400 times a day. People who are happy smile 40-50 times a day while the averages only smile about 20 times. What makes me sadly more is the fact that people mostly forget how to smile genuinely since they are more used to show their social smiles.

So, why don’t you start your day with the brightest smiles you can give to people around? ^^





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3 responses to “#1 Take-a-step Thursday: smile!”

  1. Opat Avatar


    Alin smiles a lot!



    1. linschque Avatar

      Me terharu banget nih baca komentar kamu, Opat :’) thank you~


      1. casualbookreader Avatar

        ya ampun komen dari bulan apaan -__-


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