#7 Take-a-step Thursday: SPOILERS

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This is an event blog hosted by a blogger  thistles and whistles. I took a part in her event blog since I do understand that Life is hard sometimes, however, there are always at least a reason for being grateful.

What do you think about my title there? The majority of uplifting reason I have in this past week, ehm, honestly in this entire days since April comes, is because my very favorite shows finally will be aired next week.

As we all already know, we had been heart broken last year when our most favorite character had been facing the death when he was just met the dead walkers ;A; aaaa seriouslyyy??  As if all he had been through was not enough, his heroic escape with the wildlings to his head quarter brought him to his own death!!! Hello, how come~ Why oh whyyy?  When you already watched previous seasons, you should already learn the patterns of which characters would die in the incoming seasons >__<.

These past months after  Season 5 has been aired, spoilers and many assumptions are spreading and quickly becoming the trending topics. Even as someone who doesn’t like spoilers like me, many kinds of possibilities which will be happened in Season 6 are happened to be coincidentally crossed in  my every day life. Most my friends are all excited toward the series, and so do my family. However next week, people will lose at least 0.000001% of their curiosities once the series being aired. There will be talks about the series, surely I do understand, so I think I need to carefully read entertainment news or I am going to be trapped in spoilers.

Talking about spoilers reminds me to a research briefly published in Science Daily. The research conducted by Psychology Department of University of California revealed that Spoilers does not ruin people’s enjoyment in reading. The research even stated that spoilers are even able to make people more enjoy the stories. Though the research are highly possibly true, it is your choice how you will enjoy stories. If some of you who already felt someone has ruined your enjoyment because of spoilers, uugh thats really s*cks, but hey, we are still able to enjoy their plots and the scripts, right? xD

What I am trying to say is, do not make spoilers ruin your enjoyment! Instead, make sure that you have to stay away from media and people who are too easily slipped whenever they are talking about spoilers :p xD




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