a clean slate

2 minutes

Dear readers, how are you? Have you been following my blog since 2007? You must realize that I have been erasing my already old writings as I reconsidered most of them as personal. From now on, I will only post writings related to my interests and hobbies. Pardon for the many broken parts, everything here is pure personal. I am happy if you’ve managed to mention 2, 3 or more critics to my writings.

It really has been a while since my last time here. There are so many things which were happened during these past months, a broken heart, constant failures, and various other events which really drained my emotions and energy. Anyway here I am talking about my new status as a corporate-slave who is also a student. This August I am officially becoming a student. I finally take a degree in management 10 years after my entrance of my undergraduate degree. Currently I take a degree in management at my former uni, at last. I am happy being here for some personal reasons, tho I wouldn’t denied that there were the many times I felt so unworthy for not being able to get what I’ve wanted most.

I am also now being one of the oldest when it is about my classmate lols. I’m grateful for finally having this chance for school, and I’d like to take my chance here very seriously. I know sometimes it is not easy when I have to balance between the work and the study, but life wont be this exciting without challenges.

Now I am going to continue my work. Thank you for keep visiting this blog again and again for years. And to my honorable Dad who never fails me, thank you for keep being a true reader ❤.






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