Sudden obscure feelings that loom

2 minutes

I’ve been really enjoying this performance for years, but now, since I intend to share more of my favorite things in this blog, there is no reason not to write about this song. I honesty could not really remember when exactly the first time I listen to this Albinoni’s Adagio, however i would like to listen to this piece every time I want to allow myself to sink into any obscure feelings i am facing.

At the moment I am writing this post, I’ve tried closing my eyes for a while, but in the end I still couldn’t make myself to sleep. That then made me decide to listen to some of my favorite musics. Although I am mostly enjoying classics, i honestly have only zero talent in musics. It has somehow never been easy for me to remember all the titles of songs I’ve favored, even to the most popular ones. I also have this difficulties in grouping musics genres. I understand that my inability are mostly caused by my passiveness. At the time I do believe that if the musics were so mattered to me, I will then naturally remember and will find a way to re-listen to them. That habit then transformed me to be a kind who let alone the musics played without even trying to remember any of their titles.

Adagio itself means ‘slow’. In classical musics, the term is usually used as a provisional or permanent title for a self-contained piece of music or a movement within a larger work; The title of the music above is Adagio in G Minor, meaning that the piece would be a kind of slow pace music. Beside Adagio, there are some other terms such as Largo (very slow), Larghetto (a little faster than Largo), Allegro (Fast), and so on. That simple understanding then ease me to find which kind of classics I’ve wanted to listen.

I don’t know why but I think this piece is very touching. Maybe because the pace is commonly slow, our brain then could be relaxed naturally only by listening to this. I read the historical debate behind this Adagio. Many believe that this piece wasn’t really written by Albinoni, but by the writer of Albinoni’s biography, Giazotto, for there was no proof of the historical artifacts. They even judged that Albinoni’s Adagio must be the biggest fraud ever happened in music history. At the end of the day, I could not avoid the fact that tho this mysterious piece might be somehow a fraud, it has undoubtedly become a beautiful fraud that has ever been composed.






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