we know nothing

2 minutes

of all the terms in the series of Game of Thrones, i like the term said by Ygritte, the wilding woman who’ve been also known as spearwife, a warrior woman among the free folks. The term which was said by her is “you know nothing, Jon Snow.”

for the background story, Ygritte telling Jon that he knows nothing is not without reasons. Jon is a privilage guy, he was a bastard from the most powerful and influential family in the north. even though earning the true power was impossible for the bastard like him, he realised that he still got privilage since he came to the Night Watch. in the other hand, Ygritte is a free folk, a woman who’ve been living a life mostly wildly outside the wall, a warrior who’ve been thru the undead enemies, and so with the additional fact that she is living in the world of mysoginist, Jon seems like a total spoiled brat. The term of “you know nothing” after all could be a slap of his flaw that Jon, no matter what, should think more wisely for the world is full of mystery that his only knowings are not enough for him to judge the world.

the same things also apply to us. we are living in the world so big that it is impossible for us to know everything. thus, thinking that we are the most righteous aren’t true. we have no rights to judge those who live differently. sometimes the world indeed grows hazy around us, like the eager wind alternating between icy whispers and frosty silences. so much like us, moody humans bearing the weight of knowledge relationships, between the right and wrong. In the midst such a vehemently approaching season, i choose to wrap myself, protecting the now small flames of ego flickering somewhere in the corner of my heart, making sure it will not grow bigger for the cold outside could also making the flame in my heart disappear and devoid emotion.







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