a home

2 minutes

To the people I have been finding strength in, I hope you find your own peace.

I have a place to be called as home. Even though all the things in our life are only temporary, know that once you have bring someone ease and comfort when life is being unkind and far from gentle. Those times, you have naturally become someone else home, even though again, only temporary. You have already become a home to so many people without you really realizing it. More importantly, you are a home to yourself.

As I get older day by day, I become more mindful to the things matter most to me. I love my family and I somehow love my own self. I have learned to embrace both the bads and the goods in me. Some people do not have such privileges it shows. Loving yourself is an option one can choose. And even after making that choice, one should continuously learn how to tackle every corners and every baggage they have inside. Or the bombs thrown from outside.

If I might divide things in my life into three,  they might be the things which are necessary, important, and trivial. They are necessary only if my life would be absolutely  miserable without them. They become important for I can still survive, but having them making my life much better and wholesome. I am trying to avoid something trivial for without them I am perfectly not affected and okay without them. By then, I can be more focus on things which are necessary to my life and never waste my time on the trivial.

To me, family, closed friends and even myself are necessary.  I keep my closed relationship small, but I am open to any circles around me. I realize I sometimes become a home to somebody else in needs. I do not know when and how I have become a part of their homes but I feel blessed whenever I am able to give such care and kindness to just anyone. I undeniable become a home to my family, to the love and care people nourish around me. The most important thing is, I am a home to myself, to the passion and hard work I nurture, and also to the battles I might never win or never lose.




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