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Dear readers,

I sometimes wonder if I die one day, will people notice that I am gone istantly? I can be quite sure that there will be only a small number of people who will realize my existence. I am working at a company where people are hardly ever heard. I keep my special people few. Even though I am trying my best to maintain my relationship with some colleagues at work, this doesn’t mean my presence is that impressive to stay long enough in their memory. I am living as a mediocre. I dont like crowd. I am also not comfortable with too much attention. That is being said, maybe one day if I die, I will die alone for none will even realize I am exist.

My besties sometimes jokingly ever said that I could be famous only if I let myself being known. However to be perfectly honest, I realize the reason is not because I never let anyone knew me further, but for I am hardly comfortable to show who I am to the just anyone. Damn for my social awkwardness.






3 responses to “a just nobody”

  1. morishige Avatar

    Come to think about it, what is the point of being noticed anyway? If physics is right that someday the whole universe would vanish into nothingness, there wouldn’t be any differences between as famous as Socrates and as insignificant as a rock in an unknown corner of Antarctica.


    1. Lina Kariim Avatar
      Lina Kariim

      lols it should be nothing, right, but sometimes i cant help myself that there was a time when i felt very lonely. arent you? anyway thanks for visiting my blog.


      1. morishige Avatar

        Yeah, it’s really nothing. And I guess it’s normal to feel lonely. We are trapped in our own physical self and consciousness after all, and, no matter how hard we try conveying our own thoughts to other human, it’s impossible to make them understand the exact thing we want to express–and for me that’s quite legitimate a reason to feel lonely.

        Nice blog, anyway!


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