Month: April 2023

  • Serat Kalbu, A book club

    Serat Kalbu, A book club

    I’m delighted to introduce you to “Serat Kalbu,” the book club I founded yesterday. The name is derived from two Javanese words: “Serat” (writing or text) and “Kalbu” (heart or soul). It reflects our shared love of heartfelt literature, and I think it’s a lovely yet meaningful name for our book club. The name also…

  • consider starting a book club and other random stories

    consider starting a book club and other random stories

    These past days I was thinking how if I have my own book club even though I am the only member. I know that I am used to review and talk about books already, but this time I want to take a step more under a book club. For as long as I think it…

  • #36 Becoming

    #36 Becoming

    Judul : BecomingPenulis :  Michelle ObamaPenerbit : Viking PressTahun cetakan Pertama: 13 November 2018Halaman :  426halamanRating: 4/5 Becoming Me “Becoming” merupakan memoar yang ditulis oleh mantan Ibu Negara Amerika Serikat, Michelle Obama. Dalam buku tersebut, Michelle Obama berbagi perjalanan pribadinya dari tumbuh di South Side of Chicago hingga masa-masanya ketika tinggal di Gedung Putih sebagai Ibu Negara. Buku ini dibagi…