consider starting a book club and other random stories

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These past days I was thinking how if I have my own book club even though I am the only member. I know that I am used to review and talk about books already, but this time I want to take a step more under a book club. For as long as I think it will be fun, I may gonna try. I think this can provide many benefits even to myself.

  1. Opportunity to Learn New Things: When you read books, you will gain new knowledge that you can learn and use in your life. By having your own book club, you can read any book you want and learn new things that you might not have discovered if you didn’t read books.
  2. Opportunities to Share Knowledge: When you read books, you will find lots of interesting information that you can share with others. Even if the book club only has me as the only member, I can still talk to other people about the books I’ve read and share my knowledge about them.
  3. Opportunity to Improve Skills: By reading books and taking part in my own book club, I can improve my reading, writing, and speaking skills. The more books I read and the more I talk about them, the better my skills will be.
  4. Opportunities for Alone Time: Sometimes, reading books and being in a book club by yourself can be a great way to enjoy alone time and reflect on things. This can also be a time to recharge and relax.

This time honestly I am gonna show you books I am currently reading. There are four books I read in the same time simultaneously for I am sooo easily bored. I am making sure my moody behavior keeps on check by expecting small targets each week.

  1. The wives of the Prophet by Bint Al Shati. My interest toward women and their spirituality brings me to learn how the wife of the noblest man behaves. The author herself is a female Muslim scholar who bases the sources in her book based on the Koran, hadith and sirah Nabawiyah. I have written a brief of the book on this post.
  2. Self-made man by Norah Vincent. This book is sooo mind-blowing. We already know about woman empowerment and how we are also being so familiar on how hard it is on being a woman. In recent years, I grow the realization that even though women are struggling, it doesn’t mean that men are not. This book is about a strong feminist wing who disguise as a man. I wish I had more objective insights on the struggles men facing in the world that demands men to be mentally stronger than women.
  3. Dopamine nation, finding balance in the age of indulgence by Anna Lembke. I just found out about this book from my friend and after taking a look on its content list, I decide to start putting the book on my current reading lists. I like this book for the book is written by a psychiatrist who try bringing the ideas how to set balance between pain and pleasures. This book combines neuroscience, patient stories, and healing wisdom to show how the overuse of dopamine-rich stimuli such as drugs, alcohol, food, sex, and even smartphones can lead to pain and imbalance. The book also explores the interesting relationship between pleasure and pain and how exposure to moderate pain can enhance our ability to experience pleasure.
  4. Al Sira al Nabawiyya (The life of the Prophet) by Ibn Hisham. There are some writings of Al Sira Al Nabawiyya but the one written by Ibnu Hisham is the most common resource used as reference of anyone who need both The Prophet and the Islamic history. Sirah Nabawiyah Ibn Hisham is the phenomenal work of a great scholar and historian of the 3rd century Hijriyah. The book, which is more popular called Sirah Ibnu Hisyam, is a complete reference to the life of the Prophet Muhammad sourced from valid and reliable narrations and references. As much as I love reading especially biography, I have never read full biography of the Prophet. I realized this just some weeks before Ramadhan so I take the moment of Ramadhan to start indulging myself on The Prophet’s life story. Luckily my Dad’s vast interests on religious books made me easy to find this title on one of his collections.

I do not really target myself on reading many books so I do not expect I am gonna finish everything in weeks. Besides, I have some other hobbies other than reading during my free time. I enjoy cooking, gardening, painting, and running. However just recently I start broadening my skills on Musics. I start playing Ukulele!! Here is the first song I try to cover with the ukulele, Riptide by Vance Joy. I feel that this song is a mandatory song that must be covered by anyone who plays the ukulele.

I also started my own podcast months ago. The podcast is a place where I share my thoughts on self-discovery. They are still far from perfect but what I really want to emphasize is I am learning how to bring myself when I talk. For you who’ve known me in real life must realize I am quite awkward myself, especially when I start talking. At first, I was making the podcast, so I’ll get used to talk just randomly. However recently, due to the many schedules, of course, the Podcast stopped right before Ramadhan. I might gonna start new season after Ied Fitr. I think I am just enjoying my life to the fullest for exploring things I might really enjoy spending time with. Maybe I will share some of my cookings and small gardens on this blog later. I am not all serious you know. I am just passionately very serious thinking of happy stuff. For the time being, I am happy just making sure I am going to have both physical and spiritual growth throughout my life.

Having this variety of hobbies can be beneficial for me as well as providing opportunities for my own personal growth and creativity. Engaging in a variety of hobbies can most of the times also lead me to meeting new people, exploring new interests, and expanding perspectives on life. I remember I was once joining Postcrossing Indonesia. I am a post-crosser myself. Just for now I do not have time and allocated money to maintain this hobby. Priority leads me to focus on things which practical mainly in supporting my life. I do not think being a post crosser will allow me to acquire more skill beside piling up more postcards and more things to organize. Even I stop buying books for I do not have the time to maintain all the books I have. At very least I still need space for storing both the books and the postcards. After all I prefer reading to cleaning and organizing my book collection for they both alone will just reduce my time for reading.

I somehow start taking cooking and cleaning as hobby also for practical reasons. I cannot live without food in a messy home so I grow my liking for cookings and cleaning or Deco Rating home. It is just a natural way as well as, to me, a basic survival skill anyone should have. As for painting and gardening, well, pretty things indeed ease the heart!!! I enjoy seeing my plants and paintings and somehow my mom even has better idea to frame all the pictures and paintings I have made so that I may gonna have my own art gallery in the future. I am just lucky to have her supporting me in her own way. Please do not expect that my paintings are such mastery instead it is thanks to YOUTUBE which allow me to follow through the steps of every paintings.

Anyway what do you think? Do you enjoy yourself with the hobby you have?







11 responses to “consider starting a book club and other random stories”

  1. Endah April Avatar

    Hi, Lina! What an interesting story. I also enjoy reading and I agree with your opinion about the benefits of reading books. I also enjoy drawing, in 2021 I drew fully in a year based on one Youtuber’s challenge. It was so fun. After reading your post, I’d like to try painting. In a year, how many painting do you make?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Lina Avatar

      I also paint by following through the steps on one youtube channel, sometimes with the addition here and there. I am really not a pro in the art department lol I think I may paint in average at very least once in a month for I already have about dozen. Most of the times I sketch or just draw randomly. I am happy that my Post inspire you to paint.


  2. Nita Avatar

    Mbak saya dengerin lagunya yg mbk nyanyikan pakai ukulele…asiik deh suaranya lembut banget di telinga ,keren mbk Lina


    1. Lina Avatar

      Makasi mba 🥺 terharu aku karena dipuji. Aku post ini juga di IG tp ga ada yang muji jadi yadahlah, kukira biasa aja. It means a lot lho mba


  3. Titik Asa Avatar

    Halo Mbak,
    Baca posting ini saya ada 2 kepenasaran:
    1. Penasaran dengan buku no. 4. Sepertinya saya akan cari buku ini…
    2. Penasaran dengan yang nyanyi pake ukulele….enak juga vokalnya ya… Bisa bikin single kedepannya. Atau sudah ya?


    Liked by 1 person

    1. Lina Avatar

      Bukunya sudah nemu belum Pak? Sudah banyak dujual di toko buku onlinr dan offlinr, bukunya tebeeel tp bagus untuk dibaca. Insyaallah sepanjang baca semakin terharu.
      Mengenai hobi nyanyiku, yaampun makasi sekali lagi atas pujiannya, ga nyangna dibilqng bagus sebenarnya lebih suka main ukulelenya ketumbang nyanyinya 😆

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Titik Asa Avatar

        Bukunya sudah saya pesan, tapi belum tiba.
        Di rumah ada buku “Sejarah Hidup Muhammad” karya Haekal, saya baca lagi saja sambil menanti buku pesanan.

        Tentang nyanyinya…lanjutkan Mbak, siapa tahu bisa nyaingi Vira Talisa… 🙂



  4. anies Avatar

    dulu ya. enjoy dengan hobi sedia ada. sekarang hanya travel sahaja yg jadi hobi. yang lain2 sudah ‘ditelan masa’😁😁

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Lina Avatar

      Mba Anies, menurutku hobi travel justru lebih daru hobi apapun😆 tidak semua orang bisa berkesempatan untuk travel


  5. fanny_dcatqueen Avatar

    Tahun lalu aku ikutan grub review buku. Tapi hanya setahun, Krn THN ini ditutup Ama pelopornya 😄. Seruuu sih. Krn aku memang suka banget baca dari kecil, tapi selama ini hanya dibaca, ga pernah coba bikin review. Setelah gabung Ama grub THN lalu, jadi belajar utk menulis review-nya sekalian.

    Apalagi cara mereka juga unik. Buku yg dipilih setiap bulan berdasarkan warna cover.

    Selain baca, hobiku yg lain traveling mba. Itu udh kayak kebutuhan hidup utama sih. Kayaknya aku bisa stress akut kalo kelamaan di rumah 🤣. Dari traveling aku jadi rutin juga update blog travel dan kuliner ku.


    1. Lina Avatar

      menurutku travelling itu juga salah satu hobi yang ga semua orang bisa lakuin jadi bener-beneeerrr banget rasanya ingin selalu disyukuri salah satunya dengan menceritakan kembali pengalaman travelling. xD


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