The dangerous circumstances of Jakartan’s transportation

2 minutes

As the most populated city, Jakarta becomes the targeted city of transportation development. Thousands of people commuter to and from Jakarta every day. The central city development which was started in Soeharto’s era has created large urbanization. The larger urbanization then becomes problems year to year. Then, while the government has only limited sources to solve all problems, the unfinished problems continuously create other problems. One of the main problems is the transportation system. The provided transportation system by the government is not enough to fully help people’s needs.

The good transportation system is one of the main characteristics of developing countries. To measure the transportation system is actually easy. People could consider it by measuring its conformity, services, and also safeties. However, talking about those three indicators reminds us about the must paid cost. We could understand the common issues in the globalization era to explain why those three indicators related to higher costs. especially in a developing country, the standard indicators can only be enjoyed by people with higher economical circumstances while even the most standard transportation could reach by low economical people in the developed work. Sometimes, we need to understand the underlying reasons for the problem. For example, we need to define the country’s standard transportation before it is ready to be considered to the other.

The most important indicator of the public transportation system is its safety. In Indonesia, this indicator even still can not fulfill the standard because of the high level of the accident caused by the lack of system. As an example, the fastest and cheapest transportation is the economic train. It creates many people transporting by train because of the cheap cost. However, we sometimes hear people who die because of a train accident. And also, we usually see the headline news telling the fully crowded people on the train.






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