on kindness

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I have never asked people to be kind to me, however I always treasure they who choose to treat me with kindness and respect. The realization is this, no matter how kind humans are, they have this dark side coated by ego, ambition, power, lust, and many more. After all, I am no saint either.

I grew up from a family filled with love, which I realized only recently especially when my friends began to be open about their upbringings. Living with a loving family makes the decisions to treat others with kindness and respect becomes easier, and the expectation others to treat me evenly is lessen. Previously I often thought if my choice to be kind was for I was expecting others to treat me kindly. Apparently I was wrong.

Sometimes we need years of not learning and moments of unlearning to finally learn a few precious life lessons. It teaches you the hard way, they say. But I chose to play along the hesitant student for the longest time who whined and brooded, waited and hoped, and gave and took many a second chance. Ever since a little girl, I have been a silent partaker of their quiet, rugged beauty and despite the brittleness of hearts and the exoticism of greener pastures, I sigh every time I pass by it.

Today I am re-awakened that both the goodness and the decisions to treat others well are a form of protection the Lord has given to me. Since the time I have realized this, i stopped expecting, but still manage to keep my hopes up for i am still open for any possibilities. After all, the heart is a fragile being needs to be protected and reminded of the goodness which yet to come, the goodness only the Lord is able to give as His help.





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2 responses to “on kindness”

  1. cerita nina Avatar

    Kebayang ga sih kalo jadi artis yang hatersnya banyak? Kalo aku.. aku.. mungkin udah nggaruk aspal.

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    1. Lina Kariim Avatar
      Lina Kariim

      untuk soal itu, aku makanya g siap. secara lahir dan bathin aku emang tidak punya mental seorang influencer


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